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About Me

About Me

Belinda - Oct 2009

Welcome to my page. I’m glad you’ve come here to get to know me a little better.

I’m a stay at home mom of two beautiful children. My kids (N and A) are in school now, so, it’s time for me to get back into the “real” world as they say. Can’t believe I’ve been home for 7 years already. While I initially couldn’t wait to get back to work, I’ve come to appreciate life at home and being there for my kids whenever they need me!

Thanks to my wonderful husband (who I will refer to as JJ), these years have allowed me to figure out what is my purpose in life. So, what might you ask is that? Being a wife and mother first and foremost. But, I have been able to further develop my passion for cooking and baking. Something I’ve known all along, but, I finally have the time to put some effort into. Palate-wise, my family is pretty easy to feed…which is great for me, as this allows me to be adventurous. As with most kids, getting kids to appreciate good healthy food is pretty tough. My goal right now – to improve the quality and health factor of my dishes but still taste great. What vegetable can I squeeze in without too much notice, but will benefit us all? While all my dishes have not been received with praise the first time around, I am persistent and will make slight modifications until I’ve reached perfection. I’ve also noticed that, persistence is the key to make for easy eaters. If I make my kids eat it often enough..they will learn to love and appreciate it later on. I know this isn’t the case for everything…but…for my kids…they finally understand and appreciate the benefits of spinach. Don’t know if they really like it..but they will eat it willingly. Took me over 2 years to work on that one. Other than broccoli and peas, all other green vegetables are still a work in progress

I’m almost embarassed to say so, but, I am not the most organized person. However, when I’m in my element, everything has to be so precise. Laundry can wait…but wait…dinner for 20?…I’m all there. From the type of ingredients to how it’s presented and most of all how it tastes. I’ve dabbled in almost all ethnic cuisines. My favourites are Indian and Vietnamese. Indian food…because it’s just in my blood – although I never had an Indian dish until I was well past 18. Vietnamese – well, because JJ is Vietnamese and over time I have learned to love and appreciate the food of this culture. Things I hated on first try…are now my list of favourites. As I tell my kids – you always have to try something at least once. You might be missing out on something good. I’m a little more persistent with vegetables though!!

So..the fact that you’ve read this far must mean that you’re either a friend/family or looking for good recipe! Many of my friends have asked for my recipes. Here you will be able to find a compilation of all my favourite recipes. Some are personal ones that’s I’ve come up with or tweeked to make it “better”. There are also some recipes from family/friends that I sampled and were soo good that I had to have the recipe, and now I’m passing them on to you!! So, “Bon Appetit” and Enjoy!

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